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“The Sundance System” is specifically designed to bury underground drip irrigation and then perform post- harvest tillage above and beside the buried drip without removing. The minimum-tillage-minded conventional grower will find “The Sundance System” just as beneficial.


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Sundance Puller

Patent Number: 4,779,684

  • Maintains the integrity of row/bed
  • Effective in killing the plant-cotton, corn, tomato’s, melons, etc.
  • High speed operation- low horsepower (6-row/100 h.p., 8-10 mph)
  • Available in 2- through 12 row and larger
  • 3 point linkage mounted (3-point category ll or lll)
  • Advantageous in minimum-tillage practices
Sundance Puller

Sundance Wide Bed Disk
Sundance Modified Disk

Patent Number: 4,779,684

  • Disk, rip, and list all in the pass
  • Exceptoinal incorporation of crop debris
  • Lends itself to the minimum-tillage strategy
  • Maintains integrity of row, regardless of number of trips
  • Available in 2-through 8-row models
  • 3-point linkage mounted (3-point category II or III)
Sundance Tape Injector

Patent Number: 4,637,755 / 4,447,173

  • Precise burial depth of dripper lines 2" - 15" with variations of less than 1"
  • Available in 1- through 8-row configurations
  • Low horsepower requirement - 150 h.p. for 6-row
  • Row spacings of 30" through 80" and larger
  • 3-poing linkage mounted (3-point category II and III)
Sundance Tape Extractor

Patent Number 5,297,898

  • Rips below on either side of tape * Hydraulically winds spent tape
  • 3 point hitch linkage mount * Removes top one to three inches of soil
  • Hydraulic operates from tractor ports * Hydraulically dumps spent tape
  • Available in one or two row configuration only
  • Operator platform standard with auxiliary speed controls
Sundance Mulch Extractor
  • Hydraulically winds up spent plastic mulch on original plastic mulch core or 2" PVC pipe
  • Hydraulics operate from tractor
  • Hydraulically dumps spent plastic mulch
  • Winds up to three rows simultaneously
  • Category II 3-point linkage mounted
Sundance Power Broom
  • Ideal for sweeping crop debris from beds with plastic mulch
  • Sweeps with minimal tearing allowing for re-use of the plastic mulch
  • Hydraulics operate from tractor
  • Available in one row configuration only for wide beds 60"-86"
  • Category II 3-point linkage mounted
Sundance Roller Bed Shaper
  • Finishing machine for precise bed shaping
  • Firms sides and top of beds
  • Available in 1 - through 8-row configurations and larger
  • Roller provides consisten bed shaping
  • 3-point linkage mounting
Sundance Power Mulcher
  • Ideal for incorporation of pre-plant fertilizer or herbicide
  • Excellent incorporation throughout the top 6"
  • Direct mounting to tractor PTO and 3-point hitch
  • Available in 2 - through 8-row configurations
  • Can be ordered with tank and spry capabilities
Sundance-Schemeiser Loose Ring Roller
  • Helps to incorporate debris
  • Breaks up clods and firms the ground
  • Available in 2 - through 8-row configurations
  • 3-point linkage mounted
  • Can be used as a crust buster
Sundance Peel Off Disk

Patent Number 4,779,684

  • Ideal for flattening beds * Ideal for cleaning furrows
  • Low horsepower requirement * Works well in stubble farming
  • Available in 2 - through 12-row * 3-point linkage mounted